Training Session Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Peter Morin will be delivering a full day training session entitled, “Human Security – Understanding Behavior and Building Successful Programs to Protect Your Organization.”

During this one day workshop we will be looking at understanding the security related to human behavior and how to build successful programs to protect your organization. The session will include the following:

  • An overview of key trends related to the top human risks
  • Methods used by attackers to target employees
  • Phishing – how to implement a phishing awareness program including live demos of tools and techniques and how to measure effectiveness
  • Social engineering – methods used by attackers to take advantage of human behavior, and how to test your employees
  • Insider threats – understanding the key indicators of a potential insider-based attack on your organization’s assets

Peter is a Director in KPMG’s Risk Consulting – Cyber Security practice in Canada. He is a senior cyber security professional with over 20 years of experience focusing on information security risk management, penetration testing, cyber threat incident response, malware analysis, and computer forensics. Peter has worked in senior positions for a number of organizations, including a national telecommunications and media company, Fortune 500 cloud-computing company, a recognized cyber security software company and most recently a major US defense contractor.