We are please to announce keynote Nicole Beckwith – Advanced Security Engineer, Kroger

Ms. Beckwith is a former state police officer, and federally sworn U.S. Marshal. She worked as a financial fraud Investigator and digital forensic examiner for the State of Ohio and a Task Force Officer for the United States Secret Service in their Financial and Electronic Crimes division.

Formally trained by the United States Secret Service at the National Computer Forensics Institute in digital forensics, network investigations, network intrusion response and virtual currency investigations. Recently Nicole developed two cybersecurity training programs, teaching more than 1600 officers how to respond to cybercrime and over 4400 government employees on information security best practices. She is also Ohio’s first certified female police sniper.

Ms. Beckwith works as an Advanced Security Engineer for the Kroger Technology Automation and Tools team. In this role she is responsible for the planning, design and build of security architectures to ensure a strong security posture, compliance with regulations, and safeguard customer’s data.

She also conducts research on emerging products, services, protocols, and standards in support of security enhancement and development efforts.

Nicole recently worked as a Staff Cyber Intelligence Analyst for GE Aviation tracking and researching APT and cybercrime groups and conducting OSINT investigations for stakeholders.

Nicole is an international keynote speaker recognized in the fields of information security, policy, OSINT and cybercrime.