Despite government agencies around the world mandating that departments must implicit Zero Trust, the conversation around Zero Trust has never been muddier. Vendors are racing to claim their product is “more Zero Trust” Than their competitors. There is a real danger of Zero Trust becoming a buzzword. This session will be an examination of Zero Trust based on the framework of its creator; John Kindervag. It will be a non-product-focused look into how we can start to embed “Zero Trust Thinking” into the enterprise and a look at real, achievable, designs that can be implemented in any organization.

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Allan has over 20 years of experience in Network and Security Architecture. He has worked with organizations in verticals such as Finance, Utilities, Public Safety, manufacturing and healthcare to build highly available, highly segmented networks. He spent much of his career helping organizations build out architectures that allow them to best operationalize tools such as IPS, DNR and DDOS. Between Digital Transformation and fundamental shifts in network design from technologies such as SASE he thinks this is the most interesting time in Networking and Network Security since Ethernet came around!