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Beauceron Security’s Chief Evangelist, Ian MacMillan, will share his catch of real phishes submitted to Beauceron Security and caught by various organizations around the world, including classic examples of phishing and new emerging trends in 2022. Ian will explain how these attacks work, why they’re successful, and how you can use these examples to inform your security awareness strategy and incident response plans.

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Ian MacMillan is a co-founder of Beauceron Security Inc., one of Canada’s leading technology companies focused on the human aspects of cybersecurity.
As the Chief Evangelist for Beauceron, Ian provides advice and expertise on how to build world-class cybersecurity awareness and education programs that engage and motivate employees in organizations of all sizes. Ian helps clients develop initiatives and leverage technologies that deliver meaningful experiences for individuals, and measurable impact in the security of their organizations.

Ian’s professional passion has always been about creating individual-focused experiences. A graphic designer and user experience (UX) architect by trade and an information security professional by choice, Ian has led projects in higher education, at global technology companies, and now at Beauceron Security that empower individuals to be in control of the technology they use. Ian regularly works with household national and global brands in the development and execution of their cybersecurity awareness and education efforts.

In his past, Ian has worked at the University of New Brunswick as a Software Developer in Information Technology Services, at IBM on their flagship security product, QRadar, and led the development of Beauceron’s industry-leading personal cyber risk dashboard for individual employees.

In his spare time, Ian is an outdoorsman and gearhead, spending his off-days exploring the outdoors and turning wrenches on projects at home