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Computer systems today rely on globally distributed and connected systems. When working together and in harmony, these systems provide a seamless experience, however a minor delay or glitch in one of these systems can result in the whole system becoming unresponsive. As computer science evolves these systems are now composed of not only traditional Information technology (IT) but Operational technology (OT), Internet of Things (IoT), and Industrial IoT.
Recent attacks on the supply chain such as SolarWinds, 2020; Mimecast, 2021 have highlighted the importance of Supply chain risk management. In most organizations, the process to manage Supply chain risk is loosely defined or not defined at all. Supply chain risk management involves assessing and ensuring the security, quality, integrity and resilience of the supply chain and its products and services. Some common supply chain risks include the introduction of malicious software, tampering with existing systems etc.

In this talk, the author discusses some of the ways in which supply chain risk management can be integrated into the existing Information Security Governance program and best practices when assessing supply chain risk.

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