Multi Factor Authentication is an excellent layer of security, but does that mean your accounts, apps and devices are safely protected? Banks, your email provider, League of Legends – everyone asks and accepts MFA, and it is without a doubt a great layer of security. But – and this might come as a surprise – it’s not completely safe, and shouldn’t be solely relied upon. With a little bit of social engineering MFA can be bypassed.

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Bryan Beard is a security specialist who delivers easy-to-understand presentations and demonstrations that challenge his audience to reconsider their security strategies. Using real-world examples, he sheds light on current findings in the cybersecurity world. Bryan moved to Halifax and received his computer engineering degree from Dalhousie
University in 2019. With a strong sense for learning and a love for solving puzzles, he developed a talent for computers as well as a knack for breaking things. Naturally, Bryan went on to become a penetration tester and received his OSCP in 2021. Since then, he has conducted hundreds of penetration tests for clients in all sectors – from 2-person
start-ups to big-name banks. Bryan mentors with passion, guiding his clients to effectively strengthen the security strategies they need to succeed no matter what their marketplace does.