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Fostering Business Resilience via security consolidation with Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

As organizations embrace digital technologies to further their business goals adversaries are taking advantage of an expanded attack surface. Overburdened security teams need to be able to respond to the increased risk associated with adoption of cloud, work from home, and threat actor group collaboration. To overcome this increased complexity what Security teams require is a simplified, integrated approach to visibility, detection and response.

Better visibility into IT processes such as application development with DevOps, enhanced capability for Threat Monitoring and Threat Hunting in the SOC, and Incident Response post breach all require a holistic, platform capability in order to be effective. An Extended Detection and Response capability enables a framework that that consolidates data, logs and telemetry, utilizes Machine Learning and AI modeling for detection efficacy and integrates with tooling to orchestrate responses across the security landscape ensuring a more resilient infrastructure.


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Brian Brown is an Enterprise Architect for McAfee’s North America business unit helping  customers navigate a transformational IT Security landscape. A focus on Information
Security Program Strategy and Enterprise Security Architecture using the SABSA method is the core of his approach. As a former Information Security Manager and
Director of Security Operations in healthcare Brian grounds his approach with the background of a practitioner. His experience spans security for devices, networks,
cloud technologies and data. Brian’s multi-disciplinary background as a 27 year IT professional and architect is complemented by membership in ISACA, SABSA and the IASA Global Architect
community to assist clients with strategy and technology integration.