Anything on the world wide web is already being poked and prodded by attackers. Directory traversals, brute force attempts, and vulnerability scans are just some of the abuse your website is taking on a daily basis. This talk will discuss modern reconnaissance techniques and how to see attacks coming before they start.  With a little setup, reconnaissance, scanning, and enumeration are all detectable pre-exploitation phases. Wouldn’t it be nice to gain more insight into who’s interested in hacking you? Setting up a defensible counterhacking website provide early warning signs of an emanate attack giving your security team time to prepare. If you’re not already performing reverse-recon on your adversaries, you’ll want to add these techniques to your threat intel program.

About the Speaker

Prior to joining Richey May, Michael co-founded Corporate Blue, an Information Systems and Security consulting firm that served clients in their pursuit of mitigating cyber threats. In his role, Michael was responsible for delivering information assurance by means of vulnerability assessments, risk management, project management, secure network design, and training. Michael has developed and taught numerous courses for the Department of Defense, Moorpark College, California State Universities, and clients around the world.

Additionally, in his role as a Senior Project manager, Michael has fulfilled technology and security projects for large organizations such as Dollar Shave Club, U.S. Navy, JPMorgan Chase, Oxnard School District, and more. Michael is also a skilled security professional identifying zero-day vulnerabilities in Fortune 1000 programs such as Intuit tax preparation software (CVE-2018-11338).